Join us Tuesday evenings after we close the shop. For a group, Silent Mantra
Meditation led by Barbara Kumara. Barbara is a Chopra Certified instructor.
You will experience group synergy that is helpful if you are new to meditation.
The class starts promptly at 6:30, meditation is approximately 1 hour and
a pot of tea will be shared after meditation. Cost $10.00

Take the time to meditate, start by joining us on Tuesday evenings:

– everyone has thoughts, we’re doing it right even if the mind won’t quiet down
– sitting down to meditate daily, consistently is the secret for real change
– we won’t turn into someone radically different, we’ll just like ourselves more
– the benefits are far beyond whatever we thought possible
– experienced meditators share insights and encourage beginners

For more details contact Barbara: 404-233-5667 [email protected]