Sampler Green Teas (4) 1oz tins


Our plain green tea sampler is made up of the most popular pure green teas from different countries.

Sencha- is steam heated to stop the oxidation and retains it’s healthy antioxidant, Sencha is the most drank tea in Japan.

Gemaicha– The base is Sencha and brown buffed rice and popcorn is added to give the tea a nutty flavor.

Drangon well (Lung ching) is the most drank tea from China where they use a dry wok heat, which sometimes gives the tea a little bit of smokiness.

Gunpowder tea is originally from China and was hand rolled into small balls, our Gunpowder is rolled to a “pinhead” size ball which helps to retain a strong green tea taste and great for multiple infusions. It was often mistaken for actual gun powder when it was shipped across the seas in the clipper ships. When making green tea keep your water temps down to about 170-180F let full boil (212 degrees) water cool for about 3-4 minutes before pouring over your green tea leaves.

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Weight 24 oz
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 7 in


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