Sampler Rooibos Teas


Rooibos is naturally caffeine free and known for its calming affects. It holds cream as long as it has no citrus or fruit in the blend. (Citrus or fruit may cause the added milk to curdle.) The Rooibos sampler has a diverse variety of flavors: Very Berry with red and black currents and raspberry leaves. Almond Vanilla is our biggest selling flavored rooibos with its naturally sweet flavors of almond and vanilla. Chocolate Mint is the perfect dessert tea with mint for digestion and Rooibos Mandarin with the refreshing citrus flavor is the go to for cold care; add a slice of lemon or orange for extra vitamin C.

Also, make it a gift with our Gift Basket ADD On -OPTION ($10.00 extra) It will be shrink packed in a basket with season confetti and bow.


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