Sampler White Teas


White whole leaf teas are more voluminous than other types of teas, since they are not oxidize they are fluffier and retain their leafy shape. They are hand pick in the spring season, only plucking the top bud of the spring leaf and two leaves below. White teas have the highest antioxidant value because of the spring nutrient fresh harvest and less processing. Our sampler starts with the pure white tea leaves referred to as Pai Mu Tan, it steeps to a golden yellow brew of purity. Our second choice is, Georgia Peach, our most sold white flavored tea with its fruity peach flavor and actual dried peaches. Third choice is White Lemon, Lemongrass and Ginger a must have for afternoon pleasure, and for a little added spice is our White Christmas with Almonds, Cinnamon, Apples and Rose Petals. Due to the voluminous of white teas and the added expense of hand picking in the spring, our white tea samplers have less tea.

Also, make it a gift with our Gift Basket ADD On -OPTION ($10.00 extra) It will be shrink packed in a basket with season confetti and bow.


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