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Aromatic Bliss: Exploring the World of Flowering Teas

Flowering teas, also known as blooming teas, represent a true confluence of art, tradition, and flavor. At ZenTea in Chamblee, GA, we specialize in offering these exquisite teas, each crafted to unfold into a beautiful floral arrangement when steeped. This blog post explores the enchanting world of flowering teas available at, where visual beauty and refined taste meet in a cup.


Flowering Teas
The Artistry Behind Flowering Teas
Flowering teas consist of edible flowers and tea leaves hand-sewn together into a bundle that blooms into a floral spectacle when immersed in hot water. This ancient Chinese craft not only provides a visually stunning experience but also infuses the brew with delicate floral aromas that enhance the tea’s flavor profile.
The Visual and Sensory Experience
The appeal of flowering teas lies in their transformative brewing process. As the hot water interacts with the bundle, it gradually opens up, revealing a hidden blossom that captivates the eyes and senses. Watching a flowering tea bloom is a tranquil, almost meditative experience that complements the serene act of tea drinking.
Popular Flowering Teas at ZenTea
At ZenTea, our selection of flowering teas includes a variety of blooms and tea types to cater to different palates:
  • Green Jasmine Pearls Tea: Jasmine scented tea is made by layering the tea, with thousands of hand picked jasmine flowers. The tea master chooses the perfect misty night for the best infusion. The flower petals have to be removed each morning and repeated 3-8times to achieve the vibrant jasmine flavor. The bud and two leaves are hand rolled to create a perfect pearl shape that opens a little more with each steep. Sweet floral notes pairs well with desserts, light vegetables, poultry and fish dishes.
  • Hibiscus Tea: You can use our loose leaf Hibiscus in your personal sangria libation or a special blend of lemonade, or simply serve hot. Its ruby red color and floral tart flavor will pair nicely with cheese, especially goat cheese, citrus fruits and astringent leafy greens such as arugula.
Health Benefits
Beyond their beauty, flowering teas are packed with antioxidants and vitamins, contributing to health benefits such as improved digestion, stress relief, and enhanced immune function. Their low caffeine content makes them an ideal choice for tea drinkers looking for a soothing, low-stimulant option.
Brewing the Perfect Flowering Tea
To fully appreciate a flowering tea, use a transparent teapot or a large glass mug. Boil fresh water and let it cool slightly to around 185°F before pouring it over the tea bulb. This temperature ensures that the delicate leaves and flowers do not burn, allowing the full flavor and aroma to be gently extracted.
Flowering teas offer a unique blend of art, flavor, and wellness, making them more than just a tea but an experience to savor. Whether you are seeking a visual treat or a delicious, healthful beverage, ZenTea in Chamblee, GA invites you to explore the aromatic bliss of flowering teas. Visit us online at to browse our selection and bring this beautiful tea tradition into your home.

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