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Celebrating Earth Day with ZenTea: Organic Teas for a Greener Planet

Earth Day is a time to reflect on our environmental impact and commit to a greener planet. At ZenTea, located in the heart of Chamblee, GA, we are proud to contribute to this global cause through our selection of organic teas. Our commitment to sustainability resonates with tea lovers not just in Chamblee but also in neighboring cities like Atlanta, Decatur, and Brookhaven, making ZenTea a beloved destination for eco-conscious consumers.


Earth Day
A Haven for Organic Tea Enthusiasts
ZenTea’s range of organic teas is curated with the environment and your health in mind. By choosing organic, we support farming practices that maintain soil health, conserve water, and reduce pollution. Our selection includes everything from the revitalizing Organic Sencha Green Tea to the soothing Organic Chamomile Blend, all available at our store in Chamblee and online at For those who enjoy a more robust flavor, our Assam Black Borengajuli Tea offers a malty and rich experience, while our Organic Rooibos Teas provides a naturally caffeine-free alternative with a sweet and earthy taste.
A Local Favorite with a Regional Draw
While ZenTea is nestled in Chamblee, our reputation for quality and sustainability attracts tea enthusiasts from across the Atlanta metropolitan area. Visitors from Sandy Springs, Roswell, and beyond come to our tea shop to purchase their favorite blends and enjoy a cup of tea in our serene setting.
More Than Just a Tea Shop
ZenTea is not only a place to buy tea; it’s a destination to experience it. We offer tea service in-store, allowing guests to relax and savor their beverages in a peaceful environment. Our outdoor seating in the patio and zen garden provides the perfect backdrop for contemplation and connection with nature, aligning with the spirit of Earth Day.
Online and In-Store: Accessible to All
Understanding the busy lives of our customers, ZenTea ensures that our organic teas are easily accessible. Whether you prefer the convenience of online shopping or the tactile experience of in-store purchases, we cater to all preferences. Our website,, offers a comprehensive online store where you can browse and buy our teas, with shipping options to bring the ZenTea experience right to your door.
This Earth Day, let’s toast to a healthier planet with a cup of organic tea from ZenTea. Our dedication to sustainable practices and organic products reflects our commitment to environmental stewardship and community wellness. Whether you’re in Chamblee or neighboring cities, join us at ZenTea or online to celebrate Earth Day every day with teas that care for the earth and nourish the soul.

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